3 Common New Car Issues You Should Not Ignore!

Is your brand-new car tricking you with uncertain issues? With the latest additions, the mechanisms have become more complex, it seems like only an experienced & updated mechanic Hawthorn can find the solution. If you are the sort of driver who will stay up on car service and maintenance, you will likely put an end to these potential car issues. If you’re a new car owner,  take a quick read to know the new car issues you will face in the future and avoid them before they go wrong.

Valve Gunk And Oil Consumption

In modern vehicles, the engines with direct injection are designed to give a gunk-free valve life when they have been cared for properly. However, when they are not taken care of properly, the valve can get clogged with sludge deposits and it will affect the engine performance. If the car engine is running harder to perform well, it will consume excessive oil.  To avoid this, check your engine oil condition, change your oil at recommended intervals, and use only high-quality, manufacturer-specified engine oil to curb valve gunk buildup and excessive oil consumption issues.

Electronic issues

Newer vehicles have features like a music system, lighting, automatic door locks, a back camera, navigation GPS, and more. Though these turn out to be useful, they drain your car battery like anything and create electronic malfunctions. To ensure your car battery is safe and fully charged, go for car battery check-ups or have a mechanic In Hawthorn diagnose and replace your car battery.

Rough Rides

When the new car sits for extended hours, issues like a flat tyre or brake rod rust, vibrations, and hard shifting may arise. If the automatic gearbox experiences a hard shift, inspect your transmission system for any leaks. You can hire a mechanic in Hawthorn to assess the problems to find out whether there is a leak or something serious.

No matter what car model you have, whenever you feel something is off about your new car, it’s best to get a car service or tune-up from Hawthorn Automotive Improvements. For car service in Hawthorn, call (03) 9818 2383 – Your complete motor vehicle service and repair centre.

Why Your Car Jerks While Accelerating? – Find Out!

Has your car ever made a jerk when you were trying to start? Well, you shouldn’t ignore this warning sign. If you’re irregular in getting your car service or tune-ups, issues may pop up. Ask any mechanic Hawthorn, they would say vehicle jerking is a sign that indicates there could be other issues underlying, which may develop anytime and you should address them before it takes a toll on your car’s health. So what could be the possible reason for your vehicle to jerk? Let’s check them out.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Dirty fuel injectors can lead to an imbalance between air and fuel entering the engine. This causes the engine to misfire and makes the vehicle sputter and jerk and that’s when you start to feel the vibrations and shuddering. To avoid this, make sure to keep the fuel injectors clean occasionally. Sometimes even a vehicle pump replacement is also the best solution to put an end to this issue.

Dusty Air Filters

Air filters collect dust, debris, and dirt and get clogged easily, replacing them from time to time will keep the filter clean and also prevent your vehicle from shuddering.

Clogged Catalytic Converter

If the catalytic converter is clogged, it keeps the exhaust gases in the car, preventing the engine from breathing properly and as a result, it leads your vehicle to cause shuddering sounds.

Worn-Out Spark Plugs

Your car’s spark plugs also get worn out over time and you need to replace them immediately. Having them replaced right on time will help ensure that there are no power shortages in the car. When spark plugs wear down, make sure to change them as early as possible.

Damaged Acceleration Cables

When it comes to starting a vehicle, there are specialized vehicle acceleration cables that help accelerate a vehicle.  If the cable gets damaged, it becomes difficult for the car to push it. This results in jerking and happens when you accelerate. If you still find your car jerking while you accelerate the car, it’s best to get support from an expert car service centre – Hawthorn Automotive Improvements. For appointments, call (03) 9818 2383 today.







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