Why Should You Follow Routine Car Maintenance Schedule?

Keeping up with manufacturer recommended service schedule helps you avoid expensive repairs and save you time and money. Not only that, but maintaining a complete record of your vehicle’s maintenance history can help increasing its resale value too. Your car’s maintenance schedule identifies services that must be done at regular intervals. From routine oil changes & tyre rotation to replacing fluids & inspection of major components, Hawthorn Automotive Improvement provide complete maintenance services that keep your car in good working condition.

Benefits of Following Factory Maintenance Schedule: 

Safety & Reliability:

To ensure your vehicle’s safety and reliability for the long term, it is important to follow regular maintenance program. Our maintenance service involves clutch & brake repairs, engine repairs, suspension & steering repairs, transmission repairs and much more. We perform everything it takes to keep your car in good shape. Studies have revealed that a well-maintained vehicle facilitates improved fuel-efficiency and provides a higher resale value.

Increased lifespan:

Transmission fluids, motor oils, gear lubes and anti freeze liquids should be changed regularly for better lubrication. During maintenance car service, our auto mechanics will replace these oils to ensure better handling, gas mileage and lifespan of your vehicle.


Following manufacturer recommended service gives you complete peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is roadworthy. We have RWC specialists who will fine tune your vehicle as per Vic Roads Regulations and help you get the certificate of roadworthiness without any hassle.

Keep Your Warranty Valid:

Mercedes ServiceIf you own a new car which is under manufacturer warranty, it is extremely crucial to strictly adhere to the factory scheduled maintenance service to keep the warranty valid. Hawthorn Automotive Improvements is authorised to provide logbook service that involves fine tuning your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications. As with all services you receive from our experts, only original parts are used to maintain your vehicle’s integrity and efficiency.

Hawthorn Automotive Improvements has years of experience in automotive industry and provides car repairs and maintenance services to the factory standard. We specialise in Mercedes service, Peugeot service, Audi Service, Volkswagen service and other European Models. So, give us a call at (03) 9818 2383 and schedule an appointment today!