Four Myths About Car Engine Oil Change Dispelled!

Your car’s engine oil is responsible for lubricating different engine components and reducing friction between metallic parts. Several myths about engine oil changes are prevailing around us. To increase awareness on the topic and help vehicle owners make informed decisions, we have dispelled some of the popular misconceptions about engine oil changes.

 You Should Change The Oil As Soon As It Turns Dark…

Most people believe that dark oil indicates the need for an oil change. Dark colour does not signify clogged or dirty oil. The dark colour can be due to additives, so if you are not sure whether it’s time to change your oil or not, you can approach a car mechanic in Hawthorn.

Synthetic Oil Can Cause Leaks:

Many motorists believe that synthetic oils are slippery and can cause the engine to leak. The slipperiness is all about the oil’s viscosity. In fact, synthetic oil provides ultimate protection to your engine at extreme temperature, and does not cause your engine to leak.

You Should Not Switch Between Synthetic & Traditional Oil:

This is another big misconception about engine oil change. Switching between conventional and synthetic oils will not do any harm to your vehicle’s engine. As long as the oil complies with what your vehicle needs, you can switch between conventional and synthetic oils as you want.

Thick Oil Is Always The Best:

You want thicker oil in summer as the heat can cause the oil to get thin to protect your car’s engine. On the other hand, you should opt for thinner oil in winter so that it flows on those colder days.

At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements, we have a team of car service enthusiasts who know everything about cars. Whether it is a simple oil change, RWC, logbook service, brake repair, transmission repair or a complex engine overhaul, our mechanic team has you covered. To make an appointment for car repairs in Hawthorn, call us on (03) 9818 2383 today.

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