Why Should You Get Your Vehicle Serviced At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements?

Are you looking for an auto specialist who can offer repair services at down to earth rates? Then, you are at the right place. At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements, we offer a complete suite of services and help keeping your car in its optimal condition. The most important and common services that we provide include

  • Complete vehicle diagnostics
  • Factory recommended logbook service
  • Brake & clutch repairs
  • Transmission & suspension repair
  • Diesel repairs
  • Performance upgrades & much more.

Mercedes ServiceWhen you bring your vehicle to us, you will get the best technicians to work on your car. Our well-equipped specialists offer you the best services within your budget.

Reasons to Get Car Repairs At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements

Well Trained Mechanics:

The technicians employed at our garage are certified, well trained and experienced to work on vehicles of all makes and models. Our mechanics Hawthorn are subjected to periodic training to keep them up-to-date with the automotive technology. We will double check our work before delivering the vehicle to you.

Manufacturer Recommended Service Procedures:

We strictly adhere to standard procedures and servicing schedule recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturers. Whether it is a simple oil change or complex engine overhaul, keeping up with your manufacturer’s guidelines will upkeep the performance and reliability of your vehicle.

Good Quality Service:

At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements, we are committed to provide good quality services that would keep issues at bay. During the repair process, we will replace the worn out and damaged parts, and save you from future problems. Moreover, you can drive your vehicle with confidence and continue enjoying its great performance, knowing that no car trouble will crop up.

Original Parts:

When you entrust your vehicle to us, we only use original parts that help maintaining the value of your vehicle. We understand that substandard parts will affect the performance of your vehicle. So, we are committed to use only genuine parts that could guarantee long life for your vehicle.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, you can take advantage of our exclusive offers on Audi Service, BMW Service, Mercedes Service, Peugeot Service, SAAB Service, Volvo Service and Volkswagen Service.