How To Make Your Vehicle Roadworthy & Why?

Buying a new vehicle? Or have an unregistered car? A roadworthy certificate is crucial and it’s proof that your car is healthy and safe on the road. Having an unroadworthy vehicle is not safe and dangerous and may lead to unexpected accidents. And, think about a car accident, it affects you mentally, physically, and financially. Therefore, it’s good to keep your vehicle in roadworthy condition and stay away from unwanted accidents. To stay safe and keep your vehicle in proper shape, you must call a car repair service to maintain your vehicle and ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and your fellow drivers.

So, Why Should You Get A Roadworthy Certificate?

As per the Australian transport law, you must have a roadworthy certificate. Also, it is safe for you to drive on the road when your vehicle gets a roadworthy status. The vehicle must be in good condition & you’ll be safe on the road. Also, there is no threat to the other drivers or passengers. Moreover, other cars on the road or pedestrians must feel safe.

What To Look At?

When it comes to roadworthy inspections, there are several common factors to check out & they include:


Whether it’s old or new, make sure to check your tyre pressure & tread depth and inspect all the tyres & wheels are aligned.

Check Fluid Leaks

It is good to inspect your car’s fluid or oil once in a while to ensure the fluids are clean and at a sufficient level. Any oil or fluid leaks should be checked in advance and inspect the engine lights whether it is working efficiently.

Brake Performance & Components Check

Brake system inspection is necessary to ensure safe driving conditions. During the inspection, the entire brake system is checked; it includes the brake pedal, brake fluid, brake lines and hoses, and all other components that concern your vehicle safety.

Bottom Line

No matter it’s a new vehicle or an old vehicle, you are required to pass a roadworthy inspection & should have a safety certificate on hand.

 If you’re looking for a roadworthy inspection, call Hawthorn Automotive Improvements on (03) 9818 2383 today.

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