On Site Vehicle Repair

Logbook Service Vs Basic Service: What’s The Difference?

Ensuring your car stays in good shape is vital for a smooth and trouble-free ride. Regular servicing is like giving your car a health check, making sure it runs well. However, for optimal car health, you require both a logbook service and a basic service. If it’s your first time to service your car, it’s […]

Transmission Repair

10 Signs of Car Transmission Issues

Your vehicle’s transmission plays a major role in transferring power from the engine to the wheels. It allows your car to move smoothly through different gears. However, over time, transmission problems can occur, which leads to performance and reliability issues. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring all vehicular parts are in good condition. The question […]

Engine Repair

10 Tips on How to Increase Diesel Engine Efficiency

Whether you own a diesel-powered vehicle or operate heavy machinery, maximising fuel efficiency helps save money on fuel costs and reduces environmental impact. If you want to get the most out of your diesel engine and wish to know how to improve diesel engine efficiency, we can help. There are several strategies that can be […]

Mechanic Hawthorn

3 Common New Car Issues You Should Not Ignore!

Is your brand-new car tricking you with uncertain issues? With the latest additions, the mechanisms have become more complex, it seems like only an experienced & updated mechanic Hawthorn can find the solution. If you are the sort of driver who will stay up on car service and maintenance, you will likely put an end […]

Car Jerks

Why Your Car Jerks While Accelerating? – Find Out!

Has your car ever made a jerk when you were trying to start? Well, you shouldn’t ignore this warning sign. If you’re irregular in getting your car service or tune-ups, issues may pop up. Ask any mechanic Hawthorn, they would say vehicle jerking is a sign that indicates there could be other issues underlying, which […]

Vehicle Inspection

Why Logbook Service Necessary For Your Car? – Find Out!

How often do you leave your car for car service in Hawthorn? Do you maintain your logbook? If not, now, it’s time now. Many new car owners are not aware of how essential a logbook service is for their car. If you ask a professional car mechanic at Hawthorn, they would tell you. Not only […]







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