Why Logbook Service Necessary For Your Car? – Find Out!

How often do you leave your car for car service in Hawthorn? Do you maintain your logbook? If not, now, it’s time now. Many new car owners are not aware of how essential a logbook service is for their car. If you ask a professional car mechanic at Hawthorn, they would tell you. Not only does it helps to fix small issues, but it also helps to maintain a list of services as mentioned in the owner’s manual and helps to maintain your new car’s statutory warranty. So, what is a logbook? How does it help you anyway? Let’s dive in to know more.

A logbook is a series of services and car maintenances you need to perform for the entire life span of your vehicle. Generally, your car’s manufacturer will hand the logbook to you that has all the service information about what is required to maintain your new car’s warranty.

Reduced Repairs

When you keep up the logbook service, you can protect your vehicle from unexpected or hidden damage. So, the number of trips for car repairs will decrease which further leads to decreased damage and low repair costs.

Protects Your Warranty

If you maintain the logbook scheduled maintenances, it will keep the car in good shape and condition. More to it, it will also help you claim the warranty if anything goes wrong. However, if you’re irregular with logbook service, your car warranty can become void. Know that your vehicle’s logbook is linked to your vehicle’s warranty & you must never delay or breach any scheduled service.

Better Resale Value

Be it any vehicle, when it is maintained well and has a good service record, any prospective buyer would want to buy your car for the best price. Regular checks and maintenances should be your topmost priority to have a well-maintained record proof. Another benefit of keeping up with the logbook service is that your car mechanic could detect the issues promptly and resolve them.

Bottom Line

Your logbook maintenance will prevent unexpected repairs and save you from costly fixes. So when you maintain, your car’s health is protected, your warranty is safe & you will get a good resale value for your vehicle.

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Why Is Your Car Not Starting? – Find Out!

Ever had trouble with vehicle starting issues? Well, it’s something you must consider. It doesn’t matter how well you drive or keep them clean, a car service Hawthorn is necessary to find out the defects and fix them at the earliest so that you will be saved from expensive car repairs. Moreover, mechanics, Hawthorn suggests car owners keep up the car repairs & car services regularly to continue driving without tension.

So when your vehicle fails to start or you have trouble starting it for a long time, there must be something wrong with your battery or a faulty alternator.

If your car’s battery is the culprit, you will experience these symptoms.

  • No sound or dash lights turn on when you try to start your vehicle
  • Clicking noise from the engine
  • Weaker or flickering headlights
  • Backfiring
  • poor battery

When your car battery is poor or undercharged, your vehicle may fail to startup and that’s when it will give symptoms like the above. So, make sure to change your car’s battery from a reputed mechanic Hawthorn.

However, when the battery is not an issue and there is something wrong with your car’s alternator, you will notice the following symptoms.

  • Troubled car’s electronics
  • Car stalls after starting
  • Whining noises from the bonnet
  • Burnt smells
  • Flickering headlights
  • The alternator warning light turns on

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, and your vehicle doesn’t seem to start or jump-start for a long time, you could be having problems because your alternator is failing to recharge your battery. It’s best to bring your vehicle in for an alternator inspection so that your vehicle can be fixed before the problem gets any worse.

Whether you’re dealing with a poor or dead battery or an alternator issue, immediate action can keep your car running at its best and help avoid costly repairs. Be sure to get your vehicle inspected by a mechanic Hawthorn before you arrive at any conclusion and understand your vehicle’s health condition. If your car often struggles to start over, get it inspected by our car mechanic at Hawthorn Automotive Improvements. For appointments, call (03) 9818 2383.

Four Myths About Car Engine Oil Change Dispelled!

Your car’s engine oil is responsible for lubricating different engine components and reducing friction between metallic parts. Several myths about engine oil changes are prevailing around us. To increase awareness on the topic and help vehicle owners make informed decisions, we have dispelled some of the popular misconceptions about engine oil changes.

 You Should Change The Oil As Soon As It Turns Dark…

Most people believe that dark oil indicates the need for an oil change. Dark colour does not signify clogged or dirty oil. The dark colour can be due to additives, so if you are not sure whether it’s time to change your oil or not, you can approach a car mechanic in Hawthorn.

Synthetic Oil Can Cause Leaks:

Many motorists believe that synthetic oils are slippery and can cause the engine to leak. The slipperiness is all about the oil’s viscosity. In fact, synthetic oil provides ultimate protection to your engine at extreme temperature, and does not cause your engine to leak.

You Should Not Switch Between Synthetic & Traditional Oil:

This is another big misconception about engine oil change. Switching between conventional and synthetic oils will not do any harm to your vehicle’s engine. As long as the oil complies with what your vehicle needs, you can switch between conventional and synthetic oils as you want.

Thick Oil Is Always The Best:

You want thicker oil in summer as the heat can cause the oil to get thin to protect your car’s engine. On the other hand, you should opt for thinner oil in winter so that it flows on those colder days.

At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements, we have a team of car service enthusiasts who know everything about cars. Whether it is a simple oil change, RWC, logbook service, brake repair, transmission repair or a complex engine overhaul, our mechanic team has you covered. To make an appointment for car repairs in Hawthorn, call us on (03) 9818 2383 today.

How To Make Your Vehicle Roadworthy & Why?

Buying a new vehicle? Or have an unregistered car? A roadworthy certificate is crucial and it’s proof that your car is healthy and safe on the road. Having an unroadworthy vehicle is not safe and dangerous and may lead to unexpected accidents. And, think about a car accident, it affects you mentally, physically, and financially. Therefore, it’s good to keep your vehicle in roadworthy condition and stay away from unwanted accidents. To stay safe and keep your vehicle in proper shape, you must call a car repair service to maintain your vehicle and ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and your fellow drivers.

So, Why Should You Get A Roadworthy Certificate?

As per the Australian transport law, you must have a roadworthy certificate. Also, it is safe for you to drive on the road when your vehicle gets a roadworthy status. The vehicle must be in good condition & you’ll be safe on the road. Also, there is no threat to the other drivers or passengers. Moreover, other cars on the road or pedestrians must feel safe.

What To Look At?

When it comes to roadworthy inspections, there are several common factors to check out & they include:


Whether it’s old or new, make sure to check your tyre pressure & tread depth and inspect all the tyres & wheels are aligned.

Check Fluid Leaks

It is good to inspect your car’s fluid or oil once in a while to ensure the fluids are clean and at a sufficient level. Any oil or fluid leaks should be checked in advance and inspect the engine lights whether it is working efficiently.

Brake Performance & Components Check

Brake system inspection is necessary to ensure safe driving conditions. During the inspection, the entire brake system is checked; it includes the brake pedal, brake fluid, brake lines and hoses, and all other components that concern your vehicle safety.

Bottom Line

No matter it’s a new vehicle or an old vehicle, you are required to pass a roadworthy inspection & should have a safety certificate on hand.

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Why Diesel Engine Maintenance is Important?

Car service plays an integral part in conditioning your vehicle. Since it is your biggest investment, regular car service and maintenance would ensure a healthy life of your vehicle. Caring for your car’s engine will ensure a smooth journey and extends its life. It is one of the most important factors when it comes to car care. Here, we address the importance of diesel engine maintenance.

A diesel engine needs more maintenance, because it requires high pressure for combustion. Since there are no spark plugs, it gets overheated making the engine’s life at stake. Another aspect would be the worn-out engine components that age over time producing damage to your diesel engine.

Symptoms of a Problematic Diesel Engine 

Problems such as excessive smoke increased fuel consumption, and reduced performance is the sign of a faulty or worn-out engine. What’s more, the time and cost associated with replacing these supposedly worn out parts are relatively high when compared to repair or a car service Hawthorn

However, each of these problems could be the result of contamination in your diesel engine’s system. This is why you should get your engine serviced at regular intervals.

What Should You Do? 

There is nothing that you can brag about it, but when you address these symptoms, you can have it checked by a car mechanic Hawthorn. He can identify the faults by diagnosing and determine the exact repair.  Nowadays, car repair centres are equipped with advanced tools and they can diagnose and resolve the issue either by replacing the worn-out parts or conditioning the components.

Diesel Engine Repair Includes

  • Diagnosis

  • Tune-ups

  • Troubleshooting

  • Engine leaks

  • Engine overhauls

  • Engine light scanning

  • Fuel system repair

Mechanic HawthornEspecially for any diesel engine, regular maintenance will help it go a long way and if your engine light is turned on for a long time and you feel that something is not right, you can leave your car to a mechanic for service. They will diagnose your diesel engine and provide accurate repair.

If you are looking for diesel engine maintenance, call our experienced mechanics at Hawthorn Automotive Improvements on (03) 9818 2383.

Why Should You Follow Routine Car Maintenance Schedule?

Keeping up with manufacturer recommended service schedule helps you avoid expensive repairs and save you time and money. Not only that, but maintaining a complete record of your vehicle’s maintenance history can help increasing its resale value too. Your car’s maintenance schedule identifies services that must be done at regular intervals. From routine oil changes & tyre rotation to replacing fluids & inspection of major components, Hawthorn Automotive Improvement provide complete maintenance services that keep your car in good working condition. Continue reading “Why Should You Follow Routine Car Maintenance Schedule?”

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Are you looking for an auto specialist who can offer repair services at down to earth rates? Then, you are at the right place. At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements, we offer a complete suite of services and help keeping your car in its optimal condition. The most important and common services that we provide include Continue reading “Why Should You Get Your Vehicle Serviced At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements?”