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Auto Mechanic & Repair Centre in Malvern

Car is a daily necessity you cannot do without; regular maintenance and timely service can help you keep it in the best working condition. To help you with quality auto maintenance, Hawthorn Automotive Improvements is here to help! Being the most trusted car service centre in the city, we service all luxury cars, such as Range Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Volvo, Porsche, Volkswagen, Peugeot, and many more. Get complete car care, service, and repairs with qualified auto mechanics.

We are a leading independent European car servicing centre in the city and provide logbook service for cars of all models and makes. Our auto repair centre is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic tools for all major high-end automobiles. The mechanics and technicians in our team possess in-depth knowledge of complex auto systems. This has made us the go-to car service centre in Malvern.

Reliable Auto Repair Centre in Your Area

Get complete car maintenance and repairs that you need under one roof. Our professionals are well-versed in vehicle checkups and deliver great results. Moreover, our full range of car-related services includes but is not limited to:


Logbook service

Logbook service helps you keep the warranty on your car’s expensive parts intact. Our auto mechanics ensure that your car is serviced as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Additionally, they only use OEM parts, engine oil, brake oil, and other fluids for excellent performance.


Car’s braking

If your car’s braking system is troubling you, head to our workshop. We offer a range of car brakes services, including brake pad repair, replacement, and fluid checks. With brake pad repair and services, our team ensures your vehicle is working perfectly.


Car’s suspension Repair

Have you noticed steering issues, uneasy rides, or uneven tyre wear and tear? With us, you will get reliable car suspension repair and service. Get your car’s suspension checked by our mechanics, who will examine, fix, or replace the springs, shock absorbers, or struts. You will see the difference and be able to drive with confidence and comfort after repairing the suspension system.


Car transmission service

The transmission of your car transfers the power of the engine to the wheels, helping you change your gears with ease. If you notice any issues,get car transmission service ASAP – get it checked and repaired by our team. From minor repairs to full rebuilds for manual and automatic transmissions, our technicians can handle every job with perfection.

Reliable European Car Service Centre in Malvern

European cars are known for their quality build and luxurious interiors. They can be serviced and handled only by skilled experts who know the complex systems.
At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements, we have a team of trained professionals to skillfully fix any issues in any vehicle, be it car brake pad repair, transmission, suspension, or any other issue.


Jaguar service

Are you looking for a knowledgeable Jaguar auto mechanic for your car? Your high-end car deserves nothing but the best. Our auto mechanics can help you with car transmission service, suspension repair, brake pad repair, and more.


Range Rover service

There is no match for Range Rover when it comes to power, steering control, and toughness on rugged terrain. Our comprehensive services for this premium brand cover every aspect of maintenance, repair, and fluid top-up.


Land Rover service

This car has great off-road capabilities that have made it a favourite choice of Australians. If you are someone who loves outdoors, cross-city, and cross-state travel, this car is for you. However, before planning a long trip, get your Land Rover serviced by experts like us. This will ensure trouble-free travel and a great driving experience for you.


Volvo service

At our service centre, we have experts who can repair this Scandinavian car with excellence. Our comprehensive service covers mechanical faults, electronics or electrical parts, and much more to ensure your vehicle is always in top-notch condition.


Audi service

Audi is a car that can only be serviced by trained mechanics for excellent results. Whether you want suspension, transmission, or car brakes service in Malvern, we provide auto mechanic services for all Audi makes and models.


Porsche service

Porsche is part of the premium segment of vehicles that offers a sleek look with a powerful engine. From logbook service to car suspension repair – we offer a full range of services at our modern service centre in Malvern.


BMW service

For the service of your luxurious BMW, trust only the experts. This German car raises the bar with high performance and premium interiors. It is best serviced by qualified mechanics with the required knowledge and skill to handle its intricate system.


Mercedes service

Our best-in-class Mercedes service helps you get a smooth ride in your favourite car. Trust our team to use OEM parts and computerised diagnostics that ensure perfection. With their extensive experience, you get optimum vehicle performance in every terrain.


Volkswagen service

For maintenance or servicing requirements of your loved Volkswagen, look no further! Whether your car has ignition issues, poor steering control, or needs brake repairs – we’ve got you covered. You can rely on us to use only genuine spare parts with a full warranty.

Peugeot service

As one of the top independent workshops for Peugeot servicing, we offer comprehensive repairs and servicing of these cars. This includes ECU remapping, mechanical & electrical faults, EGR, and intake system cleaning.

Why Hawthorn Automotive Improvements is The Best Auto Mechanic in Malvern?

Hawthorn Automotive Improvements is the best auto repair centre for European car owners in Malvern because of the following reasons:

  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Skilled auto mechanics
  • Fair pricing
  • Genuine spare parts
  • On-time delivery
  • Friendly staff

For any auto service-related queries or bookings at our car service centre, call us now on (03)98182383 or email us at hawthornauto@gmail.com. You can also use our online form to ask any questions or request a callback.