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Your car is more than just a means of transport; it is also an integral part of your life. As a precision machine with hundreds of parts and sub-systems, it needs careful handling to perform at its best. For regular maintenance, servicing, or repair of your car, look no further than Hawthorn Automotive Improvements. Our auto mechanics have extensive experience handling cars of all leading brands, such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and many more.

Our auto repair centre in Toorak is fully equipped with the latest machines and tools. This includes computerised diagnostics and precision tools, with which our mechanics efficiently service all vehicles. We are committed to providing dependable auto repair services to all our customers. Easy bookings, simple processes, and fair pricing have made us the go-to service centre for automobile repairs.

Get Professional Car Repair and Services

From the time you drive into our workshop until we return the keys to you, your car is our responsibility. Our team is as passionate about automobiles as you are. They also strive to provide the best-in-class service and get things right the first time around. This ensures our customers do not return with the same fault again. Here are the various services we provide at Hawthorn Automotive Improvements:

Logbook service


We offer logbook services for all leading car brands. Our team ensures the car is serviced per the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines. This includes routine maintenance activities, cleaning, fluid change, testing all vital components for malfunction, etc. Timely and scheduled logbook service for your car is vital to maintain the warranty of its parts. This also helps you get the maximum value for your vehicle during resale.

Car brakes service


Our auto mechanics can clean, service, repair, or replace the braking system of every car. Do not ignore braking issues like squeaking or delayed brake, as it may jeopardise your safety. Our braking services include checking and replacing brake fluid, brake cleaning, brake pad repairs, etc.

Car suspension repair


Is your car suspension troubling you? It is the main system for stability and control of the car – faulty suspension can make driving difficult and risky. Our car suspension testing and repairs ensure that the shock absorbers, springs, as well as control arms work together perfectly. We also use computerised diagnostics to detect faults in wheel alignment for your perfect driving experience.

Car transmission service


The transmission of your car ensures that the power of the engine is transferred to the wheels. You need a smooth transmission for proper shifting of gears and optimum speed. The skilled car transmission technicians at our service centre can repair or replace the car transmission to ensure that it’s flawlessly functioning.

Reliable European Car Repairs and Services in Toorak

For the best servicing and repairing of all European cars in Toorak, look no further than the Hawthorn Automotive Improvements. We are a family-owned business built with a passion for cars and a customer-focused approach. As European cars specialist, we work with expert mechanics who know these vehicles inside out. Here are the various luxury and high-end cars that we service:

Jaguar service


Jaguar is recognised for its design elegance and spectacular performance. Get your car serviced by experienced car mechanics for the best results. At our premium Jaguar car service centre, we service and repair all models to make them perform smoothly.

Range Rover service


Only a few cars can match the off-road capabilities or the luxury of Range Rover. So, if you own this car, look for well-trained mechanics for its servicing or repair needs. Our workshop is equipped with hi-tech equipment and the latest tools for the diagnostics of such high-end models.

Land Rover service


We provide dependable services to keep your Land Rover performing at its peak in every rugged terrain. Bring your car to us to get it thoroughly checked, serviced, and repaired before you travel off to any challenging landscape.

Volvo service


Do you own a Volvo that needs logbook servicing or repairs? While Volvo is a name synonymous with luxury and powerful performance, it also needs careful handling by experienced mechanics. Our staff are skilled professionals who know the full range of this car inside-out. They can repair any of Volvo’s models better and faster.

Audi service


Audi cars are favoured by car owners for their use of technology for high performance. This high-end car needs quality servicing by expert mechanics. Our Audi servicing team uses a mix of technology, tools, and experience to ensure its dynamic performance.

Porsche service


Porsche car delivers excellent functioning on every type of terrain. It also needs regular, on-time servicing and expert repairs to ensure the best driving experience. Our technicians and mechanics use OEM parts for perfect results along with warranty continuance.

BMW service


BMW is more than a car – it is a style statement and the ultimate in luxury. As an exclusive brand, it brings the best of German engineering to a vehicle. We provide it with the expert maintenance service that it needs for high performance and ultimate driving pleasure.

Mercedes service


If you drive a Mercedes, you already know about the amazing mix of luxury and power. Get it serviced by expert technicians at our workshop for performance enhancement. We only use OEM parts and manufacturer’s recommended fluids for servicing your car.

Volkswagen service


Known as a reliable investment and amongst the best in German engineering, Volkswagen cars have made their presence felt over the years. To get it checked for any transmission, braking, clutch, or ignition issues, bring it to our workshop. Our auto car mechanics can fix your high-end car and make it run smoothly again in no time.

Peugeot service


At our auto repair shop in Hawthorn, we perform servicing of every model of Peugeot car with utmost precision. This makes these luxurious cars capable of providing you with dependable rides.

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We are an Australian-owned company and are proud to serve the local community with best-in-class car servicing. Hawthorn Automotive Improvements is the preferred car service centre for European car owners in the city on the strength of:

  • Experienced car mechanics
  • All models and makes servicing
  • Fully equipped workshop
  • All repair and servicing under one roof
  • Fair pricing
  • No hidden charges
  • Transparent services
  • On-time delivery

With us, get your car serviced or repaired by the experts. For an appointment or booking, you can call us on (03)98182383 or email us at hawthornauto@gmail.com. You can also use our online form for queries and to get our team’s assistance. Also, you can visit our workshop, located at St Columbs Street, Hawthorn.